Show a story with your photos!

Story Show Gallery for WordPress nicely combines photos and captions to show a whole story in full screen, non-distracting environment. SSG is vertical and therefore great for use on smart-­­phones. View demo gallery:

Main features

  • Story Show Gallery is fully responsive vertical lightbox – works on a desktop, tablets and smart­phones. For every image SSG calculates optimal position of a text caption to utilize a whole screen:
    SSG compares image size vs. screen size and place a caption to optimal position.
  • Fullscreen mode with an unobtrusive scrollbar and cur­sor. Even dark photos are well visible.
  • Ready to go out of the box. SSG works with existing WordPress galleries and individual images. Optionally even with galleries made with other plugins. SSG uses standard WordPress gallery, so working with photos stays the same.
  • 3D animation of image thumbnails.
  • Story Show Gallery supports Google analytics. Find out, how long site visitors view each photo and how many times.
  • Gutenberg ready.
  • Every image has its own adress, so you can link into the gallery to show a part­icular pho­to.
  • Browsing through the gallery by scrolling, tapping or keyboard.
  • Protection of photos from being copied via right click menu.
  • There are no social share buttons in the gallery. They occupy screen space, they are ugly and mainly they are almost useless. Only 0.2% to 0.3% of users ever click on a sharing button.

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