Deep linking

Every image in Story Show Gallery has its own URL adress in following format: So you can use it to link directly into your gallery to show the photo.

As you are browsing through the gallery, the #photoname is constantly changing according to currently viewed photo. And the whole address is shown in the browser’s navigation bar, but the bar isn’t visible in the full-screen mode.

So there is a little hack. If you will hold alt key and click on a thumbnail the SSG won’t run into full-screen.  And you can copy image address in browser’s navigation bar:

There is one exception, it doesn’t work in Opera browser due to some conflict with CSS image cursor.

Sample Link to photo in Story Show Gallery

If you click on it, Story Show Gallery will open and show the linked photo. SSG will also offer a full-screen mode for better experience. It can’t be activated without a click of a site visitior.

If the #photoname is too long, you can use just a crucial part of it. For example: #bats-in-bankang-cave.jpg can be shortened just to #bankang, #bats or #cave. Story Show Gallery displays the first photo which name contains bankang, bats or cave. SSG search for the photo just within one page which address is in the link.



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