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Deep linking

Every image in Story Show Gallery has its own URL adress in following format: So you can use it to link directly into your gallery to show particular photo.

As you are browsing through the gallery, the #photoname is constantly changing according to currently viewed photo. And the whole address is shown in the browser’s navigation bar:

In full screen mode you can get an image link via social share icon, where is the link đź”—option.

Sample Link to a photo in Story Show Gallery

If you click on it, Story Show Gallery will open and show the linked photo. SSG will also offer a full-screen mode for better experience. It can’t be activated without an active click of a site visitior.

If the #photoname is too long, you can use just a crucial part of it. For example: #bats-in-bankang-cave.jpg can be shortened just to #bankang, #bats or #cave. Story Show Gallery displays the first photo which name contains bankang, bats or cave. SSG search for the photo just within one page which address is in the link.



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