Google Analytics

Story Show Gallery supports Google Analytics – every viewed image is logged into your Google Analytics account. So you can see statistics for all images viewed via Story Show Gallery – how many times each photo was seen and for how long:

Three days statistics for my site

Photo called its-time.jpg was viewed 106 times, and visitors look at this photo for average time of four seconds. Unique pageviews means that photo was viewed within 48 unique visits, so in the each visit it was viewed in average twice a time.

If you already have GA tracking code on your website, SSG already counts image views into your statistics.

Setting up Google Analytics

  1. Set up account at You will get an unique ID for your website. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube about Google Analytics.
  2. Install the WordPress plugin, which adds Google Analytics on your website. I can  recommend this one –
  3.  Enter the your GA tracking ID into the plugin settings and set the tracking method to Universal Analytics / analytics.js
  4. After few hours you will see first numbers – detailed statistics for your whole website (not only photos).

It’s important to give each photo some meaningful name, before you upload it into WordPress. Because you will see that name in the statistics.


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